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Ryan Shepard

My name is Ryan Shepard, In my 30s and I live in Greeley, Colorado. I am a Pilot, Storm Chaser, and Photographer. I have been storm chasing since 2007 where on my first chase I met Roger Hill and saw how professional storm tourism was. Everyone seemed to be having such a great time, the other storm chasers were very friendly and full of energy. The first two days I went chasing with a meteorologist buddy of mine we saw tornadoes, but surprisingly this was not what blew my mind those days. It was everything else the atmosphere did, the way the clouds structured, how big the hail was, how much lightning we saw. A tornado was a big rush to see but I was blown away that the atmosphere could do all of these things I would have never imagined. I was hooked after that and chased thousands of miles with my chase partner for the next couple of years, until I met Sean Casey in 2009. I got the opportunity to work as a production assistant on his crew for the IMAX Film “Tornado Alley” which has been in theaters for much of 2012. This was featured on Discovery Channel Storm Chasers, where I also got the chance to chase tornadoes driving the Tornado Intercept Vehicle. Since then I have been chasing for the beauty and passion of it. During the off season I run a business producing videos for clients, take college classes, play my violin, and flying for the Air Force Civil Air Patrol. I am finishing my BAS in Professional Aeronautics this year, and will be seeking a career as a Pilot as well. What motivates me to create beautiful pictures of storms is finding the best shot to share with others that original excitement that got me into this.


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